The Walt Whitman Archive

The Walt Whitman Archive endeavors to make Whitman's vast work freely and conveniently accessible to scholars, students, and general readers. Whitman, America's most influential poet and a writer of global renown, is the most challenging of all American authors in terms of the textual difficulties his work presents. His major life work, Leaves [...]

The Vault at Pfaff’s

The Vault at Pfaff's This image by Frank Bellew from the February 6, 1864 issue of The New York Illustrated News, which depicts the patrons of Pfaff's soberly discussing their work, carries the caption, "Bohemians as they are—described by one of their own number." Another image of the bohemians on the same page of the Illustrated News references the [...]

Mickle Street Review

An online Whitman journal showcasing the importance of the poet in his time and in ours, setting him and his writings in the context of an evolving America. In addition to publishing brand new work, Mickle Street Review is committed to archiving and aggregating materials published elsewhere (in print and [...]

Crossing Brooklyn Ferry: An Online Critical Edition

Crossing Brooklyn Ferry: An Online Critical Edition The Crossing Brooklyn Ferry Online Critical Edition is a new approach to interacting with literature online. As we continue to imagine ways to make the study of literature more meaningful in this multi-media age, as we try to make the past come to [...]

Body of the Poet: Walt Whitman’s New York

Body of the Poet: Walt Whitman's New York In celebration of Walt Whitman’s two-hundredth birthday on May 31, 2019, The Grolier Club presents Poet of the Body: New York’s Walt Whitman. This site, designed and built by five graduate students at Bard Graduate Center, offers visitors the opportunity to digitally [...]