President: Karen Karbiener
Vice President: Jesse Merandy
Treasurer: Zachary Kuperman

Board of Directors
Ed Centeno
Eric Conrad
Ian Maloney
Matt Miller
Brad Vogel
Ed Whitley
Emma Cormack
Deirdre Lawrence

Website design and management:
Emma Cormack
Jesse Merandy

Logo and graphic design:
Megan Lee 


The Walt Whitman Initiative is an international collective bringing together all people interested in the life and work of Walt Whitman.  Like the poet himself, it is democratic in its principles and informal in its methods, and welcomes all persons, regardless of political, religious or ethical convictions, and without reference to personal opinions about any matter whatsoever.  It seeks to establish among its members a single bond of union:  interest in or love of Whitman, and a desire to learn about and celebrate his words and ideas.  As our founding members are New York based, our events—at least for the time being— take his beloved Brooklyn and Manhattan as subject or site.  We were founded with the upcoming celebration of Whitman’s 200th birthday in mind, and one of our focal objectives is to organize and encourage a fittingly “Whitmanic” celebration for America’s greatest poet in 2019.