One of the best ways to connect with Walt is to walk in his footsteps! Walt was a passionate walker during his lifetime and used the walk as a way to explore and come in contact with the rapidly changing world around him. He would also frequently walk with friends, family, and lovers, holding intimate conversations, often over great distances.

At the Walt Whitman Initiative, we are passionate walkers and honor Walt’s love of the walk by leading tours around Whitman’s Brooklyn, Long Island, Washington, and New Jersey! Make sure to visit our events page where we will list upcoming tours. If you would like to schedule a private tour, please reach out to us. All proceeds from our private tours go towards our initiatives!!

We also strongly encourage all Whitmaniacs to hit the open road and explore Whitman’s neighborhoods on their own! Take a look at some of our self guided tours and wear out those boot soles (Walt would have wanted it that way!!).